Author: Ivan

Deciding what is Heritage

How do we decide what is worth saving? Through the lessons learnt from contemporary refurbishments to other buildings, here’s our 5 cents worth on how to create a positive future for threatened estates.

Conservation: a new trend?

The old Tanjong Pagar Railway Terminal has a special place in Singaporean hearts. Once serving the commuters between Singapore and Malaya, it is now instead re-purposed from rail to trail. This project covers 15 miles of the abandoned rail corridor into a mixed use trail/park that stretches across the entire island. Proposed activities are community orientated; just to name a few that are board walks, climbing walls, food vendors and outdoor movie projectors.

Architecture Photography

[Did you know?] Important partnerships have spring up between architect and photographer, such as that of Le Corbusier and Lucien Hervé. Hervé rejected the tradition of taking wide shots of a building, instead fashioning flowing, yet abstracted, series that focused on the details. An emotional journey was portrayed through a building, rather than simply a standpoint outside it. Le Corbusier described Hervé as having the soul of an architect, and often changed his plans in response to his work.

South Beach, Singapore

Just a while ago, we were quite lucky to be taken on a personal tour around the new South Beach development. Located within immediate proximity of other glamerous hotels such as the Raffles Hotel and Swissôtel, it was extremely exciting to see what new treats this new architecture had to offer.

Entering Heaven on Earth

If you happen to be in Barcelona, one would likely have paid a visit to the city’s greatest highlights, the Segrada Familia. This basilica although still under construction makes a grand story linking our contemporary world and technologies with an amazing historical precedent.

Reimagining Architecture

The theme of the Newcastle University Architectural Graduation Show is the appreciation for the recent urban past. Open to the public till the 10th of July, the show will travel to London at Dog Eared Films gallery on the 18th to the 20th July.