Reimagining Architecture

I recently contributed to the Newcastle University Architectural Graduation Show; about appreciation for the recent urban past. Coming from a background of young aspiring city of Singapore, studying the history of Britain was an incredible change of environment.

The 1950s post-war years were an interesting time of aspiration and change. Modernism was evolving and there was a greater strive for improvement of living conditions. More light, more space, more facilities…

Section A2

Learning from a Drawing Style: The Smithsons’ (Ivan Chin, 2015)


Today, in the consumer age, we have this unanimously lack of social conscience and can benefit from taking precedence from some of the ethical intentions of the Modernist architects. Through a pedagogy that encourages learning through making and designing, my studio develops this theme by casting plaster molds, re-scaling buildings into small handheld models or composing collages.



Learning through Making: Concrete Mix Experiment (Ivan Chin, 2015)

This compromises just one theme amongst six other different studios that all have different focuses. The Architectural School has come together to curate an exhibition of grand designs that re-imagine architecture; like the local Grainger Market to take inspiration from the bustling markets in Barcelona. Cities like London and Paris have been redesigned into a new versions in some very unconventional ways.


The Matter Studio (Newcastle University, 2015)

The graduate show is open to the public till the 10th of July in the Newcastle University Architectural building. It is then travelling to London at Dog Eared Films gallery on the 18th to the 20th July.