South Beach, Singapore

Working together with the acclaimed Foster+PartnersPhilippe Starck and Aedas, the developers IOI Properties and City Development Limited (CDL)  have created an architectural landmark in land-scarce Singapore.

It ticks all the boxes required in today’s urban modernity, in a myriad of shops, cafes, restaurants, offices, a hotel and generous public spaces. The towers are divided between hotels and apartments, and offices, which also have dense sky gardens.

Architect’s perspective | Foster+Partners

South Beach is a new urban quarter built to be 100% self-sustainable, a rarity in Singapore. Local developers CDL have built a reputation towards pushing the green movement, with City Square Mall as Singapore’s first eco-mall which was integrated with a 49,000 square foot urban park.

On trend with some of the other heritage articles we have covered, this project also combines new construction with the restoration with old buildings. In this case, what used to be Beach Road Camp.

Blocks 1, 9 and 14 of the former Beach Road camp and the adjacent building that was previously the SAF Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) club were built in the 1930s in an Art Deco style.

Although the building is not to be officially opened until the first quarter of 2016, it is now in its preview stages. With the South Beach development due to occupy a massive downtown block, its stage by stage opening makes complete sense.

These buildings form an iconic part of the compound. Unfortunately, this area is only exclusively accessible to its membership club.

Laugh Bar and it’s playful interior | Photo by SouthBeach

The entrance of the South Beach Development | Foster+Partners

However, the public is free to experience the grand gesture of its environmental canopy which covers the older buildings. This creates a large landscaped pedestrian avenue, exposing natural light whilst providing shade in an undulating curvature.


Model of the environmental canopy covering heritage buildings | Foster+Partners


Prototyped at 1/1 scale before the execution at this grand scale, the new South Beach quarter is a real continuation of Singapore’s ‘city in a garden’.

Fosters protyping the canopy at 1/1 scale | Foster+Partners

Creating a micro-climate | Arup 

via National Library Board, Singapore