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Tolkein’s Rivendell is remastered LEGO®-style, all 200,000 pieces of it

In a total span of 2,500 hours (105 days / 15 weeks),  2 LEGO® enthusiasts (Alice Finch & David Frank) modelled Tolkein’s entire Elvish Sanctuary Rivendell, which as we all know, is no mean feat.

hobbit18f-7-webFirst seen in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and most recently in The Hobbit, their model measures 10ft by 5ft, and as quoted by, ‘Finch and Frank used concept art, rewatched the movies and reread the books and used a 3-D model from special-effects house WETA Digital to nail down the details.’


hobbit18f-3-web hobbit18f-1-web hobbit18f-5-web hobbit18f-4-web



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